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Happibox Purchase Policies


Have a purchase-related question? Find your answer below, and please note that any purchase with us indicates an understanding of and agreement to the store policies detailed below.


Still need answers? Not a problem - reach out to us at info@happibox.sg and we’ll do our best to get back to you promptly!




  • What is a pre-order? 

This means placing an order for an item before it is available for purchase from us online and in-store. You’ll only be able to collect it once the stock has reached us.


  • Must I make payment first?

Yes - the full amount must be paid upfront so that we may proceed with locking down your order!  


  • When will my pre-order arrive?

The waiting time is different for different items, and may range from a few months to over a year. While we’ll always do our best to provide accurate estimates, please be aware that the arrival date could change at any time due to circumstances out of our control. Feel free to check with us for updates on your pre-order arrival status. Or if you don’t like having to wait for your toys, skip pre-orders and head straight to our stores or our online shop instead!


  • My purchase includes a pre-order + existing stock - can I get the in-stock item first?

Your order will only be shipped out when all items have arrived. If you’d like to receive your in-stock item sooner, we recommend making two separate purchases - otherwise you might be in for a long wait ahead.



  • When will I receive my order?

Local orders will be shipped via various local courier services. As most of them only do pickups on weekdays, please allow at least 2-3 working days for your order to reach you. 


  • Is there a way to track my order?

Yes, you’ll receive your tracking number via email and WhatsApp once we’ve processed your order. Didn’t receive anything? Check your spam folder, and contact us for help if necessary. 


  • How much will shipping cost?

For local deliveries, any purchase of $100 and above scores you free shipping (yay!), and anything below that will cost you $5 (shockingly affordable we know).


  • Can I collect my order from your store?

Of course! Simply select “Self Pickup” when completing your purchase. Once your item is ready for collection, we’ll notify you via email or WhatsApp. Please note that for the time being, all collections will be at our Lucky Plaza store only. You’ll have 1 month from the date of notification to collect your purchase, otherwise your items will be forfeited. Changed your mind and need it delivered instead? Not a problem - we’ll convert it to a delivery for a fee of $5 as long as it’s within the 1-month window. 



  • When will I receive my order?

International orders will be shipped via various global delivery services. Ever since COVID-19, we’ve experienced long delays in postal service shipments worldwide, so we do seek your understanding if your order takes a little longer to reach you.


  • Where is my order coming from?

We’re a small outfit based in Singapore, so all orders will ship from here - we don’t have any facilities or stores in any other countries.


  • Can you refund me for customs fees or taxes?

Nope - any customs fees, VAT and other taxes incurred as a result of international delivery are fees charged by your government, and will therefore need to be paid on your end. #hardtruths



  • My toy arrived damaged - help!

Not to worry! We will process returns and refunds for items that arrive with unreasonable damage. Take a photograph of the damage and email it to us at info@happibox.sg  within 3 days of delivery to request a return & refund or a replacement (subject to stock availability). Do note that no returns or replacements will be entertained for items that have been in your possession for over 3 days, as we simply have no way to ascertain if the damage has occurred post-delivery.


  • How come my refund amount doesn’t include my shipping cost?

Our refund policy only covers the cost of the product - shipping costs are non-refundable (because it’s already happened!). Similarly, any shipping costs incurred as a result of delivering an item to us for return will need to be paid on your end.


  • My toy isn’t damaged but I’ve changed my mind - refund or exchange?

All purchases made with us are final unless an item is defective at the point of purchase. Most retail shops don’t entertain “change of mind” as a valid reason to back out of a purchase, and we are no exception. :)


  • My order is taking too long to arrive and I want a refund.

No can do - “change of mind” isn’t a valid reason, and neither is “my delivery is taking too long”. We will always do our best to ship orders out as promptly as possible, so please do have some patience with the process!


  • Well, I could just file a dispute with my credit card company…

Yes you could, but here’s why you really shouldn’t. Our store policy is to treat customers as our friends, and filing a fraudulent dispute just because you regret your purchase is pretty unfriendly behaviour. Speak directly with us if there’s anything about your Happibox experience you’re dissatisfied with - we’ll always do what we can to help within reasonable limits. 


If you file a chargeback or dispute against us without even having attempted to communicate with us, you’ll immediately be permanently banned from doing business with us, regardless of the case outcome. Why? Because being nice doesn’t mean we’ll put up with being threatened or bullied. :)



  • Will you distribute my personal information without permission?

Our entire site is secured for your digital safety. Your privacy is sacred to us, so we will never sell, give away or otherwise share any of your personal information. That includes your name, address, email, phone number, payment details and any other personally-identifiable information.


  • Is it safe to make credit card transactions with you? 

Definitely - all our credit card transactions are protected by the same level of security used by banks (a 256-bit SSL certificate, if you’re interested!) In fact, we never actually even get to see your full credit card information - our system only displays the last 4 digits of your card number.



  • Why have I been blocked on your socials?

Please understand that our social media forms a huge part of our bread and butter (as it does for most companies these days). Abuse, hate speech, and any other inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated on any of our social media channels, and violators will be blocked and reported.


  • I had an argument with your staff in the store and they told me I’m banned for life - fire them!

We’ll hear your side of things for sure, but please understand that we back our staff and prioritise their right to safety and dignity. So if you’ve failed the kindness vibe check by threatening, harming or otherwise abusing our staff, then you can bet you’re banned for good.